Vince McMahon Reveals Major Roman Reigns ‘Change’

Vince McMahon has revealed why it took so long for there to be ‘changes’ to the Roman Reigns character. Speaking on her Token CEO podcast, the CEO of Barstool Sports, Erika Nardini revealed how Vince McMahon was able to give a small peak behind the curtain on how characters like Roman Reigns work so well, what makes them so layered and complex individuals and how they come to be. Roman Reigns’ new WrestleMania opponent was just revealed.



“Vince was saying, ‘everyone has to start in a box. People like boxes and you have to start in a box, but if you show glimpses of being something other than what people expect from you in your box, that’s where stories get interesting.'”

“I was asking Vince on the plane, ‘how early are the shows ready? How far in advance is Fastlane produced?’ He’s like, ‘We’re in a business where spontaneity matters. A little bit of chaos at the finish line is a great thing because it means it’s real, it’s vibrant, and you’re reacting to exactly what is happening right now.” Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

In other news concerning Roman Reigns, Reigns’ special counsel, Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Esquire Middle East in where Heyman discussed how his current client was not ready for the current role he is in now a couple of years ago. Credit to

“Roman Reigns is a subject and a category all unto himself. Roman Reigns had to main event for nine years, had to main event WrestleMania multiple times, consecutively, in order to find the best presentation of Roman Reigns. And he also needed some seasoning. He needed some age in his face. Roman Reigns could not have pulled off this presentation even two years ago, he wasn’t ready for it. He didn’t look the role. He was still—he still looked too young.”

Roman Reigns ‘Meeting’ With Stone Cold Revealed.  “Now, when you look in his face, you can see some of the wars that he’s been through. You can see the years of main eventing have presented a burden to the man behind the persona, that he has to carry not only his family, but as the top star in sports entertainment. He has to carry WWE, and indeed he has to carry the entire industry in terms of public perception. And you get to see that in his face now. And you couldn’t see that in his face, even if it was true, just a couple of years ago.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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