Vince McMahon Reveals Money In Bank Account

Vince McMahon discussed money on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday.



“I don’t know what’s in the bank, I don’t care.”

Vince and McAfee added, “It’s a lot of zeros.” McMahon’s net worth is $2.2 million. Vince said when he did the first WrestleMania, he was broke. “I didn’t have any money.”

“These other guys were millionaires [in wrestling], I had nothing.” Vince said he had to pay installments that put the WWE at risk in the mid-80’s. He said, “It was all cash flow.”

Samoa Joe is currently a free agent and has all the options on the table regarding his future in the pro-wrestling industry. It turns out that the former WWE star is willing to make his return after he was let go by Vince McMahon’s company. But he is also considering AEW an option. During his last run with the company, Joe worked on the NXT brand which was revamped into NXT 2.0. He had won the NXT Championship but an undisclosed injury forced him to relinquish the title when he tested positive for COVID-19. Since Joe couldn’t compete and was taken off NXT,  he worked as a trainer at the Performance Center.

Samoa Joe opens up on his pro-wrestling future

Wrestling fans have been wondering about his next endeavor and ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ recently addressed his future during a recent interview with Busted Open on Sirus XM. Samoa Joe commented on the potential of signing with All Elite Wrestling or returning to WWE.

“…I’m open to whatever opportunity. Obviously, at this point, I’m blessed enough that I get to make decisions, and I get to work on some things outside of wrestling. Which is a rarity when you are this far in and committed to the business, said Joe.

He continued, “…I got my team working on stuff, and when they eventually connect, we’ll see if something works out.”

Joe will be under the WWE 90 non-compete clause until April 6. However, he is busy with his projects outside of wrestling and being with his family.

“We’re training. We’re ready. Honestly, I’m not on paper with anybody anywhere. We haven’t signed anything. We’re just kind of exploring our options, and I’m taking little time personally just to be with the family and shore up some things home side, and we’ll see what the coming months hold,” said Joe.

We will have to see what the future holds for the veteran star.

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