Vince McMahon Rips Wrestlers ‘For Taking Off Masks’

Vince McMahon has been making plenty of rules lately. Vince has taken his product that has been receiving heat from everyone inside and outside of the ring and somehow found a way to get even more heat from those parties as well. Will Vince keep up the ‘iron fist’ until the company is passed on? Also, what’s next for rules? Chris Jericho weighed in on Vince ‘bans’.



Vince McMahon is rightfully angered by his wrestlers going against Covid guidelines. The disease is serious and still affects many people. Keith Lee being someone who is dealing with long Covid. There has been a particular incident that arose as of late that states that a wrestler or staff member at amusement parks unmasked weeks back that set Vince McMahon off.

Vince has time and time again made it clear that he wanted wrestlers taking more precautions as a result of the pandemic, Covid. Vince has reached out and sent many messages either directly or indirectly to talent as a result of this. Vince sent the heaviest bulk of his message before the Super Bowl where he urged talent to not attend non-masked events. There have also been instances of staffers having their roles cut heavily if they were found to go against Vince’s wishes.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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