Vince McMahon Ruined The Usos Match

During a recent episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell, the former WWE manager who worked with the organization from 2013 to 2016, shared an intriguing backstage story about a tag team match involving The Usos. Mantell, known for managing wrestlers such as Jack Swagger, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio during his tenure, recounted how the finish to the match was changed on the fly.



According to Mantell, the match in question pitted Jack Swagger and Cesaro, collectively known as the Real Americans, against The Usos. Initially, the plan was for Swagger and Cesaro to emerge victorious over Jimmy and Jey Uso. Mantell vividly described his involvement in the match, explaining that he was positioned outside the ring while Swagger and Cesaro were inside, ready to execute the planned outcome.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the referee suddenly intervened and informed them that the finish needed to be altered. Mantell humorously recalled his reaction, saying, “Hell, don’t tell me, tell those guys,” referring to Swagger and Cesaro. The decision to change the finish was made in the midst of the match, catching the participants off guard.

As a result of the impromptu change, The Usos secured the victory, contrary to the originally intended outcome. Mantell expressed his confusion and frustration, exclaiming, “What the hell, guys?” It appeared that the order to modify the finish had come directly from Vince McMahon, the prominent figurehead and decision-maker within WWE.

Following the match, Mantell and the other wrestlers involved returned backstage, but there was no discussion or explanation regarding the sudden alteration. The event left Mantell and his team perplexed, as they were left to grapple with the unexpected turn of events without any further clarification or guidance.

“Here’s a little story. I was on the outside, Swagger was inside, and Claudio, what did they call him then? Oh, Cesaro. So, we were gonna beat them, and all of a sudden, referee says, ‘Change the finish.’ I said, ‘Hell, don’t tell me, tell those guys.’ They changed the finish right in the middle of the match. We ended up getting beat by The Usos when the original plan was for us to go over. And they changed it mid-course. I guess Vince said, ‘Change the finish.’ They changed the finish and I was going, ‘What the hell guys?’ We went in the back and nobody said nothing.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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