Vince McMahon Ruining Seth Rollins Title Win?

WWE fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia, where a new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. The company has already started hyping up the event with a new title reveal, indicating that anything is possible under the leadership of Vince McMahon.



Earlier reports suggested that Seth Rollins was the top candidate to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but Ringside News recently reached out to a tenured member of the WWE creative team for confirmation. While Rollins may be the leading candidate at the moment, the new champion will ultimately be “the leading candidate that ends up with the title when Vince changes things.” McMahon still has the power to make changes to the storyline leading up to the event, and any attempted spoilers at this point are “stupid right now.”

The decision to introduce a new title is reportedly a way to get a top title on the other brand, as Roman Reigns is currently an unbeatable champion on his brand. According to Ringside News, USA Network is more concerned about retaining Reigns than introducing a new title belt.

The situation is certainly intriguing, especially with McMahon’s ability to change plans on a whim. It is not safe to assume that any plan is set in stone, particularly when it comes to such a significant decision as crowning a new champion. Fans will have to tune in to Night of Champions to find out who will ultimately be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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