Vince McMahon Ruins Massive WWE Debut

Reports have emerged involving Seth Rollins’ segment getting cut from the ‘Raw after WrestleMania’ which is usually full of surprises. If the reports are true, NXT’s Pretty Deadly were supposed to make their main roster debut.



Seth Rollins’ segment was nixed

Rollins’ segment getting cut is just one of the many reasons why fans have expressed their disappointment with WWE RAW after WrestleMania 39. The star appeared in the episode, but footage from the audience possibly showcased some last-minute changes that occurred.

The Visionary first appeared on this week’s RAW during a backstage segment. He expressed his delight at winning against Logan Paul, even stating that he sent Paul and KSI “back to the wasteland of social media.” He then walked out to the ring with a lot of enthusiasm as the audience echoed his theme song.

For fans at home, Rollins simply had the audience sing continuously before he walked out without saying a word. However, footage from the crowd showcased that during the commercial break, Seth Rollins was talking to WWE’s production crew outside the ring. Fans who saw the video noted how the RAW star looked disappointed with what he was told.

Now, according to the Masked Man Podcast, Seth Rollins’ segment on Raw was supposed to be the main roster debut of Pretty Deadly.

Pretty Deadly have been a recent highlight of NXT’s weekly programming, and following their loss of the NXT Tag Team Championships, fans have been awaiting a potential call up to the main roster.

On Twitter, WRKD Wrestling had previously reported:

“NXT’s Pretty Deadly are poised for a call up in the next few months. They have received high praise during their main roster house show tryouts.”

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