Vince McMahon Sad Warning To Drew McIntyre Leaks

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently talked about the backstage notes the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre used to receive during his first run with WWE.



Drew McIntyre backstage notes have been labeled ‘horrible’

The Scottish Warrior had a decent run with WWE when he initially joined the company. Despite being dubbed “The Chosen One,” Drew McIntyre’s booking left plenty to be desired, leading to his eventual release from the company in 2014. However, his return to the company, headlining WrestleMania and winning the WWE Championship was not less than a fairytale.

Speaking on his podcast, Wrestling with Freddie, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recalled McIntyre receiving notes over his accent. He stated that although Vince McMahon thought highly of McIntyre, he was handed notes to tone down his Scottish accent every week before he appeared on TV. Freddie Prinze Jr. believes it was the most “horrible” kind of feedback someone could give as it could take a toll on the receiver’s confidence:

“Vince comes out and deems him the golden one, the next guy. And then every single week at TV, he would get the same note right before he would have to go on camera, ‘Try not to have a Scottish accent.’ Which is the most horrible note you could ever give a human being in their life, especially right before they’re going on live or taped television or backstage segment, and it was the only thing in his head,” said Prinze Jr.

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