Vince McMahon Signs Logan Paul To Huge Contract

Vince McMahon has reportedly signed Logan Paul to a big money contract to appear at WrestleMania 37 following his Smackdown debut with Sami Zayan as part of his documentary storyline on Smackdown next week. Vince McMahon has a list of WWE stars ‘to bury.’’s Steve Carrier tweeted, “A lot of people are wondering what Logan Paul will do on #SmackDown next week. We’re wondering what he’ll do at #WrestleMania. On that note, we’ve been told that Logan Paul is currently booked for Mania. More in an exclusive soon at @ringsidenews_.”

Stephanie McMahon told Bloomberg Business Sports, “We recognize there’s a huge percentage of the population that isn’t WWE fans that we want to attract. At the same time we also want to get athletes, pop culture influencers and celebrities into our programming for the same reason. The rising tide really raises all boats in terms of audience and growth.”

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy have also teased WWE debuts, with Randy Orton getting caught up in a feud.

Bow Wow told Heels Pops Chairshots, “I had to call Soulja. I said ‘Soulja you made fun of Randy Orton! This guy has 6.5 million fans. He’s not one of those guys that needs your retweets. Randy Orton is a star. He’s there. Leave him alone! Go after The Miz!’”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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