Vince McMahon ‘Spoiled’ Bobby Lashley Title Match?

Will we see a historic Drew McIntyre title chance out of the gate on night one of WrestleMania? Recently, on the newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show,’ Billi Bhatti sat down with former WWE writer Vince Russo. The two talked about a vast landscape of all things pro-wrestling.



Here, Bhatti stated that the existing agenda is for the WWE Championship match of Bobby Lashley Vs. Drew McIntyre to open the show with the current plan for ‘The Scottish Warrior’ to re-capture the gold at WrestleMania 37, with Vince McMahon telling him the result! Wrestling-Edge transcribed Bhatti’s comments. This ‘heel turn’ for Drew McIntyre was pitched on Raw recently.

Bhatti: I know an interesting note about [last week’s] Smackdown, which is going to be the go-home show. They are going to putting WrestleMania matches on there that have been taken off WrestleMania. So here is the situation at the moment. The opener for night one has now internally become something like the most important match of that night. This whole thing about going out there, first match in front of the crowds, first match in fourteen months, etc, that has now become the coveted spot.

Bhatti continued: So it’s now very much looking like the women, which I’ve been saying for how long will be in the main event spot for night one. That is going to remain consistent. The way it has been sold backstage is that the most important match of the night is actually the first. So as of right now Drew McIntyre is currently slated to win the WWE Championship in the very first match in the very first night of WrestleMania in front of crowds on Saturday. This Drew McIntyre WWE diva ‘abuse’ storyline idea just leaked.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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