Vince McMahon Suddenly Quits WWE

Vince McMahon has retired from WWE, as per Twitter.



Triple H is currently the COO of WWE and he is also a veteran in the world of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, having competed in several great matches and countless memorable moments during his time as an active in-ring competitor in the company. ‘The Game’ would in addition go on to win countless championships during his time as an active competitor in the WWE including a multi-time WWE Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion.Triple H’s offer to buy a pro wrestling company was also previously revealed. 

Back in 2018 Triple H was still in charge of NXT and developing the brand in a way that fit his vision of what a pro wrestling brand should be like. For a very long time, Triple H’s vision bore fruit as NXT put on incredible matches and events for several years, often outclassing anything put out by the main roster in WWE.

Triple H has also been away from WWE television for a long time after suffering a very deadly health crisis. The Game recently announced that he has retired from in-ring competition for good after almost losing his life.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan will be at SmackDown after Triple H’s promotion, reports. Talent are happy to see Triple H back, with one calling Johnny Ace a ‘snake.’ Triple H will likely follow WWE’s new talent directive, unlike his old indie focused one. Shawn Michaels remains in charge of NXT.

Speaking on his “Cafe de Rene” podcast, Renee Dupree claimed Laurinaitis threatened to release him from his contract multiple times.

“Johnny was always a pain in my a**, man, threatening to fire me every other week, ‘I could fire you, Rene. I could fire you, Rene,’ and then the next week he’d be cool, and then the next week he’d be a p***k,” Dupree said. “I just got so sick of f**king even looking at the guy.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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