Vince McMahon To Get Rid Of Adam Pearce?

Adam Pearce continues to be the on-screen authority figure on both RAW and SmackDown. However, it seems that could change soon amid the Draft 2023.



WRKD Wrestling reported that there’s been talk of WWE going back to the format of each brand having their own GM. It has been noted that “there’s been mentioning of Adam Pearce staying as a current GM but there’s been mentioning of having a GM on each brand”

Following the brand split in Summer 2016, WWE began running pay-per-views exclusive to Monday Night Raw and WWE SmackDown Live, as each show received its own monthly special roughly every four weeks.

It was noted that it resulted in a doubling of the number of pay-per-views that WWE was running annually and also led to the company producing a Sunday special just about every other weekend.

WWE ultimately ditched the brand-exclusive pay-per-view concept in April 2018, electing to have every pay-per-view feature both Raw and SmackDown matches. The rosters remained separate, as WWE Survivor Series was the only event to feature crossover matches, but all cards were a hybrid of red and blue brand bouts.

This could be changing in the coming weeks as well. According to an insider account WRKD Wrestling also previously noted that WWE is discussing having “brand exclusive premium live monthly events.” It’s unclear if this means both Raw and SmackDown would each get a premium live event every month or if the two shows would alternate.

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