Vince McMahon Wins Controversial Legal Battle

Vince McMahon recently got involved in a fresh controversy. The latest Wall Street Journal story on Vince alleged that he paid at least 4 women over 16 years to cover up sexual misconduct. After the report about additional non-disclosure agreements that were signed to keep women quiet, many are wondering if more people will come out with accusations. Vince reportedly reacted to the allegations. In quite an interesting development from the Sports Business Journal, McMahon reached a settlement with former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck.



Vince McMahon lawsuit has been settled

A lawsuit Vince was facing has officially been settled. Luck had claimed that his $25 million contract guaranteed him full pay in case it was terminated without cause. He sued McMahon and Alpha Entertainment for $23.8 million remaining in his deal as well as other damages.

The lawsuit was set to go on trial on July 7. It was revealed a few weeks ago that both the parties have agreed to a settlement outside of court. PWinsider recently reported that a Judge has officially dismissed the lawsuit against Vince McMahon. They noted that the two parties have come to a confidential settlement. Neither to them will have to pay the legal fees of the other.

It does not appear any more women signed NDAs. There could be others who didn’t want to burn bridges with WWE who decided against seeking a settlement. It remains to be seen if any will speak out. It turns out Vince is no selling the matter. While many might think this has affected sponsors, that is not the case. It has also come to light that Vince might not be under too much of pressure. The latest Wall Street Journal story on Vince doesn’t appear to have much of an effect on WWE business and McMahon seems to be not bothered by anything. It also seems that Vince does not have pressure on him.

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