Vince McMahon’s backstage reaction to Hulk Hogan leaving for WCW

Talking about Hulk Hogan’s surprising move from WWE to WCW in the 90s, Bruce Prichard on his podcast Something to Wrestle revealed that Vince McMahon was hurt with The Hulkster leaving his company. Prichard stated that Hogan moving to WCW was like a ‘bad divorce’ for Vince McMahon and he was deeply hurt from a personal standpoint.



He was hurt, and he was hurt not just from a business standpoint, he was hurt from a personal standpoint because through those building years, there were no two closer people in the business than Vince and Hulk, that helped develop all those aspects of Hulkamania along the way.

Prichard felt that McMahon really took it personally and that he was deeply hurt. He further added that it seemed like a really bad divorce.  It was also said on the podcast that the company was not hoping for a Hulk Hogan return and instead were interested in making Bret Hart a big name.

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