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Vince McMahon’s loss of memory and history of head trauma

Vince McMahon took a shot to the skull on last week’s SmackDown Live. He really didn’t need to do it, but he would never ask someone to do something he wouldn’t be willing to do. That’s always been his policy.

Dave Meltzer recently opened up about Vince McMahon’s history of head trauma on Wrestling Observer Radio. It turns out it’s not a good idea for him to take that kind of damage anymore.

“Vince’s memory is really bad now and if you got a guy and he’s 72 years old and his memory is already really bad and he’s had a lot of concussions in the past, I don’t think that we were strong enough on just how reckless and stupid [the headbutt was on Tuesday night].” Meltzer added, “He may not get any bad effects from this but he may. It boggles the mind honestly that he did that – that someone didn’t tell him ‘dude, you’ve had concussions.’”

Meltzer added, “If this was like 10 years ago, I would still think it was stupid. Now it’s just beyond stupid. It’s just ridiculous. It’s already done and hopefully, he doesn’t pay for it later in life or sooner in life.”

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    He obviously forgot that he shouldn’t be doing that.

  • oppa

    His own doctors have told him he cannot take any bumps anymore. He must be stopped for his own good.