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Vince McMahon’s reportedly thinks Matt Riddle is an “outside guy”

Matt Riddle recently won the NXT Dusty Classic Tag Team Tournament alongside Pete Dunn. The Broserweights have earned themselves a title shot for the NXT Tag Team titles at TakeOver: Portland.

However, that’s not the only thing that Riddle’s been making the news for as of late. The former UFC fighter reportedly ran into Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble in what was said to be a “heated confrontation” in which Lesnar expressed his problem with Riddle’s behavior on social media.

Throughout the week, various reports have suggested that Riddle’s constant calling out of Lesnar on social media was brought to the Beast’s attention by Paul Heyman. This led to Lesnar himself talking about it to CEO Vince McMahon and then going on to confront Riddle personally as well.

Dave Meltzer notes in Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon doesn’t have a favorable opinion of Riddle either. Meltzer states that McMahon has a problem with Riddle’s social media behavior and he reportedly feels that Riddle has little respect for the predominant hierarchy within the business.

The report suggests that these factors have led to McMahon perceiving Riddle as an “outside guy”.

For McMahon to have such an opinion on Riddle, might only spell trouble for the Bro in the future. Currently, he is enjoying a successful run in NXT, but all that could change if the Boss wants it to.

  • Whistling Joe

    I have no problem with his matches, I said as much. It’s everything else that needs to change in order for him to be over in front of a main stream audience.

  • jedi

    Disagree his matches are some of the best ones in nxt.

  • Whistling Joe

    You put this man on WrestleMania as is and he’ll come out to crickets.

  • Broken_MattHardy

    So then just release him if he is an outside guy. He would do well in any other company tbh

  • CC

    I just do not get why people like Riddle. His character is borderline annoying (hell, that “Bro” at the start of his entrance is enough for me to wish he would do one) and his actual personality on social media is usually the sort of person most people hate. When you consider the heat Rollins got from fans due to his twitter game, why is someone who is just a scum bag on social media given a pass?

    I do hope it is true that Vince is not a fan of his, as that will mean his career won’t go anywhere if he ever moves to SD or Raw.

  • rob

    kevin owens perfect casting for that role

  • lobsterball

    His gimmick is his actual self… a Dbag…. while I don’t like it (in fact I hate it), apparently a lot of people are a fan of it… it’s mystifying to me but I do recognize that the fans like him…. strange

  • Vishal Hussain

    The only thing he’s missing is a sidekick that’s fat and wears a trench coat.

  • jedi

    I can safely say that I disagree with everything you said & so do many other wrestling fans.

  • Whistling Joe

    I like Riddle’s work, but he needs to change basically everything in order for him to get over on the main stage. People aren’t going to care about his ripoff Next Episode theme, they don’t like his stupid sandal kick, they won’t buy into his stoner look and hair, and they don’t want some druggie as champ.