Vince Russo Claims Edge Push Is Hurting WWE Morale

Former WWE writer and current co-host of the ‘Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ Vince Russo, gave his thoughts on last nights Royal Rumble event which saw former WWE Champion Edge win his first Rumble. Russo however took issue with the idea the move and said that it sent a wrong message. Vince Russo also recently talked about AEW having a ‘death wish’.



“Thoughts on the Rumble. No doubt they needed some star power in Edge, but IMO, just doesn’t send a good message to the locker room that no full-timer on the roster was worthy of going over and being in that spot. Just my view. But, I don’t think morale was EVER important to WWE.”

In a follow-up tweet, Russo responded to a fan who compared Edge winning the Royal Rumble to Vince McMahon winning the event back in 1999. Russo took issue with the comparison saying that Vince was on Monday Night Raw every week back in the late 90s, while the same doesn’t hold true for Edge currently. Vince Russo said WWE and AEW are ‘in bed’ together, last year.

‘Vince was a full-timer. Vince was on the show every week. Vince was an important part of the on going storyline. No way are the two circumstances the same.’

Russo would then talk about how him becoming WCW Champion, where he was speared through a cage to win the title and how that compares to the morale with Edge winning the Royal Rumble. Russo would explain that he thinks this is a failed comparison as well. A WWE icon defended Vince Russo back in March.

‘Ok. Now let’s compare me getting speared through a cage, being knocked unconscious and being WCW Champ for a day to my comments about Edge and morale. Seriously, man, just moronic.’

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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