Vince Russo Offers to Make Peace with Jim Cornette, Wendy’s Restaurant & Cornette Responds

– Fast food restaurant Wendy’s has offered to settle the beef between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette… with a “Baconator on a Pole Match.” It appears the person who runs the Wendy’s Twitter account is a long-time pro wrestling fan. Here’s how the exchange went:



Russo: “I’d love to have peace with Jim Cornette. But, I can’t do that alone. Maybe one day he will open up.”

Cornette after a Russo fan chimed in: “Please keep your “fans” at the kid’s table, they’re bleeding over into my adults’ conversation–”

Russo: “Speaking of adult conversations. Why don’t we have one so we can end this foolishness. Life is too short, Jim.”

Cornette: “Some people’s are not short enough–”

Russo fan: “Irony here is Jim is eating a @Wendys triple with cheese while he typed that.”

Wendy’s: “We could settle this with a Baconator on a pole match. ;)”

Cornette: “I might do it for Wendy, but she changed her meat!”

Fans started writing how Wendy’s had sold them on burgers because of the exchange. Wendy’s replied with “Woooooo!” and “Judy Bagwell Approved” comments. It’s not every day that you see a brand as big as Wendy’s embrace pro wrestling like that.

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