Vince Russo talks AEW talent having a ‘death wish’

Former WCW, WWE and TNA writer Vince Russo recently commented on AEW’s high impact in-ring style. The controversial character claimed on his 8 Days a Week podcast that AEW talent have a ‘death wish.’



“It’s not that this show sucks. We’re almost going on a year, and the show has sucked for a year.”

“I’ve sat through a sucky piece of crap show for a year. I don’t know how I can sit there and watch a show where I know? Somebody is going to either be crippled? Maimed? Wind up in a wheelchair or dead.”

“I know that, honestly, with good conscience? I do not feel like I can watch this show anymore. I’m not interested in seeing somebody get killed on television. I’m not interested in seeing somebody get paralysed. And I’m not interested in seeing somebody crack his skull open. No one gives a sh*t about table spots anymore.”

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credit SEScoops for the transcription

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