Virgil Tells a Story About Andre the Giant and Four Women, Fans Share Their Virgil Encounters

– Former WWE star Virgil is back in the news this week after fans on Reddit posted a bunch of their Virgil stories in a thread today. Deadspin picked up on the thread and points out one of the more interesting stories about two fans who shared a hotel room and flight with Virgil during WrestleMania XXX weekend. The fan wrote the following about Virgil talking to them on the plane:



“My buddy and I finally get on our plane headed to New Orleans, and as it starts filling up, guess who boards – none other than Virgil. And guess where his seat is? RIGHT BEHIND US. So now we get to listen to him talk for at least another 2 hours, and trust me, he talked alright. He keeps a stack of business cards thats probably about as thick as three decks of cards stacked together. Some notables are Sidney Crosby and Magic Johnson.

He told us the story of how Vince offered him his job with the WWE, how his partnership with Ted DiBiase came about, and tons of stories about Andre. Thanks to Virgil, I can never look at Andre the Giant the same again. He referred to Andre as the “firehose” and recounted a time when Andre took four chicks and “stacked them up like a sandwich” and went to town with his “cock fingers.” Yes, Andre the Giant is no longer the same in my eyes. Nor are sandwiches.”

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