Vitor Belfort Accepts Challenge After Being Called Out By Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva had an opponent in mind for his next bout and talked to to make the challenge to Vitor Belfort, the man who made a highlight reel out of him way back in 1998 at the UFC’s last event in Brazil.



“And now, where are you running to? I’d give him the number one (on the line to fight me) easily, I’m challenging him … I want him”, Silva told

Belfort was quick to accept the challenge telling the site “Let’s do it, brother. I accept it, He’s a great athlete, a great champion, and it would be a pleasure to fight him. It’d be a highly anticipated fight, very important for the sport. Whatever Dana (White) says I’ll do, I never chose opponents and I won’t do it now. But he made the challenge and I’m accepting it. I just don’t wanna wait for the UFC Rio to come back, I wanna fight first.”

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