Vladimir Putin ‘Falls Asleep’ During Biden’s…

Chinese commentators seized on President Biden’s widely criticized debate performance, targeting his appearance, voice, and blinking frequency. The European media, traditionally close to the US, also joined in lambasting Biden’s “horrific” showing. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson claimed the Russian leader slept through the “train-wreck showdown,” highlighting international disapproval. Hu Xijin, a prominent Chinese pundit, described the debate as entertaining for Chinese viewers but derided it as a negative portrayal of Western democracy.



“It doesn’t matter what the debate was about. The key is that the witty and flexible Trump successfully highlighted the old and dying appearance of the sleeping king.”

Biden’s cognitive state became a focal point in Chinese media, with outlets like Beijing News labeling him “habitually confused” and social media platforms likening him to a robot. Popular blogger Housha Moonlight declared Trump the clear winner, emphasizing his agility in contrasting Biden’s perceived frailty.

European coverage echoed concerns about Biden’s coherence, with outlets in Italy, Sweden, Poland, France, and the UK questioning his performance and its implications for his candidacy.

A post-debate CNN poll revealed a significant majority believed Trump had won, underscoring the impact of Biden’s perceived shortcomings. As preparations for their final debate on September 10 intensify, international scrutiny remains on Biden’s ability to lead amid global challenges.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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