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Walter explains why his Survivor Series match was a ‘mistake’

WWE NXT UK Champion Walter made an appearance at Survivor Series and since Royal Rumble is expected to involve some stars from the NXT brand, a lot of people have been wondering if he could make an appearance at the show.

During a recent interview with Metro, the current champion talked about a number of things and he also commented on a possible appearance at the PPV this Sunday.

Walter claimed that he legitimately doesn’t know if he will be a part of the PPV event and said that he would love to be on the show because it’s a different case:

I legit don’t know. I would love – Royal Rumble, I think it’s a different case. You’re not in there with a group of people you don’t really know, but you have to be in a team with them. In the Royal Rumble, it’s a lot of people but it’s every man for himself.

The NXT UK star also explained why his Survivor Series appearence was a ‘mistake’, saying that he wasn’t invested in the match because he only cares about his guys and his group

I wasn’t invested in that. I didn’t care. I care about my guys, my group, I care about the sport, but I don’t care about all those people being angry each other. It was a weird match too – three five-men tag teams, and always three guys in the ring. That’s when wrestling turns from competition to putting acrobats in a circus to do a show. “There’s 15 of you, you’ve got to do something.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Right, he turned down working on the main roster to stay in character because his character hates America. Get real.

  • Luke

    Well done. It takes a lot to get worked this hard.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I have very little respect for Walter. He thinks his eastern bloc country is so great. Eff off, idiot. There’s a reason people were literally dying trying to escape East Germany.

  • D_Ohm

    It sounds a little kayfabe when he says ‘my guys’. I generally tend to agree in regards to Survivor Series. We’re supposed to put aside fueds for brand supremacy? I’m really supposed to believe a heel is going to care about what brand they represent?