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War Machine get a new name

WWE brought in one of the heaviest hitting tag teams in the world this year with the addition of War Machine. The deadly duo has been making their rounds at NXT house shows since their signing, and recently have acquired a new name.

War Machine participated in a dark match before NXT TakeOver: New Orleans where was revealed that they are now going by “War Raiders.”

Raymond Rowe would eventually confirm the name change on Twitter later on in the night.

  • Grant Thomson

    And once they make it to the main roster, WWE can shorten it to The Raiders, just like Rusev, Elias, Cesaro, etc.

  • Sparti Love

    Stupid name.. how about War Against the Machine!

  • CC

    Would not surprise me if its a legal issue seeing as Marvel/Disney have a character called War Machine. Don’t forget the only reason Hogan can call himself Hulk is because of a deal with Marvel and even had to stop using it for a few years due to losing that deal.

    Marvel and Disney probably would not have cared in other promotions, but now there is bigger tv exposure and possible merchandise sales, it would become an issue.

  • Killswitch