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Was Andrade really suspended for PEDs?

WWE’s Wellness Policy test is very strict and if someone is unable to take the test then they fail. It seems that is what happened with Andrade.

Hugo Savinovich has a good idea of what goes on in the WWE locker room, even though he no longer works in the company. He was the first to report regarding WWE’s problems returning from Saudi Arabia.

He recently made a post on Facebook, where he revealed that Andrade failing the WWE Wellness Policy was not due to him being tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

“The situation with Andrade bothers me a lot because I have been one of those people supporting him 100 percent – his reputation, his professionalism and his family lineage. Now, while studying this case, I’ve found out some things. Wrestlers in the company have much more information on this and how the drug testing works.”

He noted that Andrade’s situation is similar to Primo Colon’s failure of the Wellness Policy, who failed to take the test as he was in Puerto Rico.

Hugo explained that the general idea in the locker room is that Andrade is innocent.

“Wrestlers in WWE have commented about this situation in the locker room, a world where you’ll hear all sorts of things. Andrade, I dare say it publicly, I understand is innocent.”

Andrade was apparently not given a chance to explain himself before the suspension was announced.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yea, but I haven’t seen him complaining at all

  • CC

    And he signed the contract to say he would make himself available for testing when required. Considering what happened to Primo and Paige, if he chose to “take the day off”, then he knew exactly what would happen, so he still only has himself to blame.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Its a random test, if they tell you to be tested on an off Wed and you’ve been on the road 15+ days, you may decide to heal instead.

    Or ya know, maybe he was in Mexico for a few days

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Its supposed to be a randon sample though. If he couldn’t produce on the day they wanted, then it’s an automatic failure.

  • Broken_MattHardy

    I said this other day here and was mocked for it. It’s likely some of these suspensions are simply due to wrestlers being unable to take the test, maybe even caused by the snow storm. But I guess only time will tell.

  • CC

    Yup, as lets face it, why would you skip out on the test without good reasons unless you have something to hide?

  • Keith Learmonth

    No, they’re “popping” guys who skip out on the testing. You can’t just refuse to get tested, and assume they’ll overlook it.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Unfortunately, if you sign a contract that says you have to make yourself available for drug testing, otherwise you get an automatic fail, and then you don’t make those arrangements when required, this is just what happens.

    WWE needs the testing to be somewhat random, otherwise people figure out the schedule, and find ways to fudge the tests, everyone who signs a contract knows this.

  • CC

    So basically he is just speculating with no proof.
    Andrade had no reason to not comply as an active roster talent. This is absolutely nothing like Primo who was not even in the country, and was expected to pay for long distance travel to take the tests when he is not even being used on TV.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    If this is true, and it’s not the first time this has happened, they are just popping guys to make their test seem legitimate, which is the first sign that this isn’t legitimate.

  • Whistling Joe

    I call bullcrap on this one. Primo was in Puerto Rico, Andrade is actively on the road with WWE. There’s no legitimate excuse why he couldn’t have been tested.