Watch: Alberto El Patron relinquishes TNA World Title back to Bobby Lashley

In the video below, Alberto El Patron is forced to relinquish his TNA World Title back to Bobby Lashley due to the nature of how he won it. A meeting between Impact Officials and El Patron went down in which Bruce Prichard told Alberto “Due to the way that you won the championship…let’s just cut to the chase, we’re asking you to relinquish the championship back to Bobby Lashley.”



Alberto responded with “You guys have to be kidding” and Prichard responded, “It’s the right thing to do, let me ask you a question, how would your Dad feel about this?”

El Patron angrily got up from his chair, calmed down, then stated that he will only relinquish the belt if he is granted a rematch. He was told that would be Lashley’s decision and he would have to ask him first. Alberto then said he would ‘demand’ a a rematch, not ask for one, before leaving the room.

Check it out:

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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