Watch Kelly Kelly’s SummerSlam Ad, WWE Hall of Famer Selling More Stuff

– After auctioning of his WWE Hall of Fame ring a few weeks ago, “Superstar” Billy Graham has decided to auction off the leather jacket he wore during his Hall of Fame induction in 2004. The jacket was exclusively worn during his Hall of Fame induction and and live in front of fans at WrestleMania XX at Madison Square Garden.



As far as the ring is concerned, it managed to sell for $11,500.00 to a legitimate bidder. When asked a few weeks ago why he was selling the ring, Graham responded with the following on the auction page: “Today, July 14, 2009 I received an email From Mike Aldren of the asking me if the selling of my WWE Hall of Fame ring was actually legitimate and if yes, why would I want to depart with it? First off, I owe no one an explanation as to why I want to sell this beautiful WWE ring. In a recent board meeting Vince McMahan said ” That there will never be an actual physical Hall of Fame building and that the Hall of Fame only exists in my head.” Dispite the many public claimes by Shane McMahan that there in fact would be a physical Hall of Fame building in the near future. Further more, I have never been sentimental about The WWE or anything connected with Profestional wrestling in general.”

– As noted before, Kelly Kelly recently filmed an ad for 7-Eleven’s SummerSlam promotions. Here is the commercial:


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