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Watch: Kevin Owens Makes Roman Reigns Laugh in the Middle of a Match

WWE Universal Champ Kevin Owens and United States Champion Roman Reigns clashed in a house show earlier today (Thursday December 29, 2016), and in the middle of the match Owens began yelling at fans as he held Reigns in a head-lock. During Owens verbal beatdown to the crowd, Reigns couldn’t contain his laughter at Owens’ verbal jabs and began to cover his face while noticeably smiling.

Reigns didn’t do too good of a job though, as one fan noticed and caught it on video. Check it out:

  • Chris E.

    That was excellent. At least Roman tried to cover his face. I dont know how some guys keep a straight face when Big E does his dance moves.

  • Shawn OB

    Corpse-ing!? Send in da man! Beat it song plays, Macho Man comes busting in..

  • Shawn OB

    Corpse-ing? Send in da man! Baw wa wa wa waaa na na baw waa waw waaa waaaa.