WCW Legend In Trouble After Heart Surgery

COVID-19 has created a huge negative impact globally and many popular pro-wrestlers have contracted the virus. WCW veteran Konnan has reportedly suffered from some serious health issues after coming in contact with COVID-19. This is the latest in a growing list of pandemic-related hardships for the veteran. He also lost his mother and the former WCW TV Champ was hospitalized due to the disease and also had some kidney issues in early 2021.



Konnan underwent heart surgery

The veteran star was hospitalized in February 2021, following his COVID-19 diagnosis. Along with the diagnosis were also kidney issues that needed proper treatment as it is needless to state that COVID-19 aggravates the body’s immunity.

Alfonso Lizarraga of The Gladiatores revealed that Konnan had heart surgery to deal with the after-effects of COVID-19.  Lizarraga said that Konnan might be allowed to leave the hospital though it is unclear at the moment. This indicated that the heart surgery was fine and that Konnan has recovered to the point that he can come out of hospitalization. As reported by Lucha Blog, the WCW veteran had heart surgery due to covid-related health issues.

Alfonso reported the news for Lucha Libre Online and said that Konnan had condoned him to break the news. He also added that the veteran himself will address his hospitalization and the heart surgery at some point. Konnan is currently signed to Major League Wrestling as well as IMPACT Wrestling.

Currently, Konnan works with various independent promotions and has had a few appearances in AEW. He is also known for his podcast, Keeping It 100, co-hosted by fellow WCW veteran Disco Inferno.

Konnan is also said to need another kidney transplant after the heart surgery. We send our best to Konnan during this very difficult time, as he is one of the greatest wrestling legends ever in Mexico and the United States.

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