WCW Legend Passes Out At Wrestling Show

WCW legend Konnan has been dealing with a lot of health issues lately. The persistent issues with his kidneys has troubled him since the mid-2000s when he was forced to undergo a kidney transplant that almost proved disastrous. Those issues have come back in full force over the last two years, with Konnan seeking another transplant back at the beginning of the year, and again just a month ago. He recently provided an update on his health issues.



Konnan reveals health update

He did recently begin dialysis, which has improved his health some. On the latest “Keepin it 100” podcast, Konnan gave an update on his medical condition:

“I just started dialysis today. I can tell you that for the last eight months, and I really usually don’t bring it up to you guys because that’s just the way I am, but the last eight months have been torture for me, mentally and physically. It’s been very, very, very hard to go to work to do this show. Thank God it’s the only thing I have to do, but even getting on a plane has been torture for me. I feel weak. I feel lethargic. I feel despondent, no energy, irritable, depressed. You name it, bro. I’m just not myself. It’s been really, really hard, and it’s been really hard for me to cope with this.”

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