WCW Legend Suffered Heart Attack During Match

Wrestlers do everything around the ropes, but what they face is real and sometimes the situation gets worse for them. This includes any health condition that comes around as part of their performance.



Wrestlers have faced bone issues, neck issues and even heart issues. While some may suffer such situation ringside, like it happened with Jerry Lawler, for some it may happen during their match, like WCW legend Lodi.

Lodi was in a match in June when he had a heart attack. He was performing well, but something went off for him, and he didn’t feel good about it. It so happened that he was rushed to the hospital. The assistance was quick and he was able to regroup himself from the situation.

According to Ringside News, WCW legend and wrestler Lodi has shared an update on his health condition. The wrestler who suffered a cardiac arrest in June has recently spoken up about the turn of events.

His tone sounded energetic during the conversation. He went on to talk about how he wants to prove doctors wrong. During an interview with Developmentally Speaking, he spoke about his health.

Lodi was previously told not to wrestle due to his neck issues. He still continues to be in the ring, and do the moves. He has already received three neck surgeries, and continues to prove his neurosurgeons wrong.

We were wrestling, and I had a heart attack, and four days later, went in for a triple bypass, and they realized that they missed two blockages, so I ended up having a quintuple bypass on June 21.

Lodi spent 11 days in hospital, and boasted about his amazing abilities to recover. He has stopped taking bookings until January 2024, but says that there’s nothing stopping him from being in the ropes again.

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