WCW Legend Suffers Heart Attack After Match

Brad Cain, better known as Lodi, a former member of the WCW stable The Flock, has faced a recent health scare. Lodi, known for carrying signs to the ring and his loyalty to Raven, experienced a heart attack following a match against Lucky Ali from Deadlock Pro. Despite sensing that something was wrong, Lodi initially didn’t seek immediate help and decided to drive himself to a nearby hospital as reported by Queen City News.



During the 52-minute drive, Lodi had a concern echoing in his mind—avoiding causing harm to others, reminiscent of the tragic passing of Macho Man Randy Savage. Despite his discomfort, he managed to navigate the road while doubled over and with one hand on the steering wheel. Upon arriving at the hospital, Lodi received the distressing news that two of his arteries were 100% blocked, and the third, known as the Widow Maker, was 90% blocked. Consequently, he underwent a five-hour quintuple bypass surgery, which ultimately saved his life.

Undeterred by this alarming incident, the 52-year-old wrestler remains determined to continue his career in the wrestling industry. Lodi acknowledges the presence of a higher power throughout this ordeal and is grateful for the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation and work on improving his health.

Lodi’s experience serves as a reminder of the physical toll and risks associated with the world of professional wrestling. Despite the challenges he has faced, his resilience and determination to recover are an inspiration to both his fans and fellow wrestlers. The wrestling community rallies behind Lodi as he embarks on his journey towards better health and continues to pursue his passion in the ring.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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