WCW Top Name In Trouble After Hospitalization

WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW head booker Bill Watts recently talked about his recent health struggles. He has been a pro wrestler and promoter. Watts tallied up over 30 years in the pro wrestling business. He’s competed in All Japan and was a constant in many areas around North America such as Florida, St. Louis and Chicago. He has had stints with WWE and WCW as well.



Bill Watts opens up on health issues

Watts recently joined John Bradshaw Layfield and Gerald Brisco’s ‘Stories with Brisco & Bradshaw’ show and he opened up about his recent battle with the disease owing to the global pandemic and viral pneumonia. Watts stated that for the last four-to-five months, he fought for his life. He added that he’s been in the hospital five times in that time span:

For the last four to five months, I got the worst strain of COVID and viral pneumonia and I really fought for my life. I’ve been in the hospital five times and you know, you’re so weak and all you’re gonna talk about is your damn health and I think what a miserable thing, and boy did we raise some cain and do some things and we didn’t even never consider getting old because we didn’t even know what it was.

Watts is in his early 80s and he’ll turn 84 in May 2023. Watts was the successful promoter of Mid-South Wrestling and he competed against Vince McMahon who ran WWE. Obviously, McMahon came out on top as WWE went national. Watts ultimately ended up working for WWE for three months and helped McMahon run TV tapings.

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