What does the “New Nexus” mean for CM Punk’s Nexus?

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As many of you already know, Wade Barrett was kicked out of the Nexus by CM Punk last week and is now officially on Smackdown. This week, however, it seems like the Englishman has formed another Nexus, this one including Ezekiel Jackson, and original Nexus members Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. What does this mean for Punk’s Nexus? What comes to mind is that maybe they will start a feud maybe after the Royal Rumble and will continue on until after the Elimination Chamber PPV then it will probably end.http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/images/photos/001/112/344/WadeBarrettAttacksBigShow_crop_340x234.jpg?1295124089

I think that this feud would prove who is a better leader. Slater and Gabriel think that it is Barrett, and I agree with them. Wade Barrett never made any member of his Nexus beat each other. Instead, he made them fight other superstars to show how strong each link of the chain could be. Punk’s action does make sense to me. He says he is trying to weed out the weak but why beat members of his group using the other members?? Nothing makes sense in that. I don’t see what Punk is trying to accomplish with all that he has done.

With John Cena coming back, this confuses me a bit. Cena says that Punk will pay for what he did to him, but wait a second. Wasn’t Barrett the one who injured Cena at a house show? Barrett even made his claim the night he lost the reins of  the Nexus. This seems like a little love triangle, except the love is actually hate. 🙂

Back to the old and new, how will David Otunga and the rest of the Nexus react to their former comrades going back to the original leader? I think that maybe seeing old friends back together would lead David to defect and go with Barrett. That might not happen but its really in the air. With Otunga, I think that he will stay with Punk due to the fact that he  still may harbor feelings towards Barrett for making him lay down and being pinned by Gabriel to lose the Tag Team Championship. Maybe every member of Nexus will go back alongside Barrett and show their true colors. At this point, I don’t know what to expect from this feud. However I do know one thing: this is going to be, in the words of the great Jim Ross, “a real slobber knocker.”

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