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What If…Vince McMahon steps down as the Chairman of WWE?

  • Mister Smith

    WWE ratings are in the toilet, and have been for quite some time, so yeah the PG rating needs to vanish into thin air asap! I’m sure you most likely weren’t even born during the Attitude Era, but the standard of wrestling is far superior to the nonsensical garbage you see today!

  • Mister Smith

    Clearly the only person out of touch here is yourself!

  • Luke

    The PG rating is not going to go anywhere. They have big, family-orientated sponsors like KFC and Snickers. They are not going to jeopardize those deals just to please those who view the Attitude Era with severely rose-tinted glasses (seriously, go back and watch an Attitude Era episode of Raw. The standard of wrestling is terrible). Plus, NXT functions under a PG rating. This idea that we need to bring back a TV-14 rating to improve the show is simply not correct at all.

    Not sure where the idea that Brock is going to be a UFC champion anytime soon came from either…