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What If…the Hardcore Championship Returned?

  • Jay B

    Thanks for the comment.

  • I would love to see it, and the matches could truly be 24/7 because they be in wwe network, you could watch them love it vod

  • Ernest Gouker

    Hardcore matches don’t need blood to be good. There are plenty of ways to have good matches. Watch any of the Johnny Wrestling vs Ciampa matches from NXT Takeover. Hardcore matches are about using tables, ladders, chairs, kendo sticks, etc.

  • Soulshroude

    While I agree with this “opinion piece” (finally), If the Hardcore Champion ship did return, then the WWE would have to go PG-13 with BLOOD, OR every H.C. Championship match should be on a P.P.V. basis since there would obviously be that emphasis on “BLOOD”.

  • Jay B

    Glad you mentioned this…..this article was going to be about the Diva’s Tag Team Championship and you have it about right. I too predict Trish and Lita. If I ever post the Divas What If…I might go with more of a twist.

    I have a few more articles that I have in mind. Just can’t seem to figure out what the next one will be. Don’t be surprised if it’s the Diva Championship though. Thanks for the comment and I love the idea of defending on the network at a house show. That would be awesome.

  • Ernest Gouker

    Sounds like a good idea. The 24/7 rule would be great considering that the wwe network could stream the matches that happen at house shows.
    but as others have stated the women can’t go after this title.
    there are rumblings that at Evolution, Stephanie will announce that there will be Womens Tag Team Titles and a tournament will conclude at Survivor Series with Trish & Lita being the inaugural champs.

  • Jay B

    That is a very valid point. I did not think about the men getting the pinfall. WWE would never let that happen. Well…we would have to have James Ellsworth comeback just to get the belt back to the men. Lol. I say make a new era for all.

  • CC

    Women might be able to get the pin on men to win the title, but that would mean that it would stay with women as no way on Earth in this day and age are you gonna see a man pinning a woman, especially in this current #metoo climate.