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What If…The Undertaker wants Shawn Michaels to retire him?

Good Evening wrestling fans and welcome to our newest segment of What If? This is an opinionated article about WWE What If’s. A What If…can be anything from what if a story line went in a different direction, all the way to what if Vince McMahon turns over the company? Of course, WWE won’t give us what we want because our wants are not, “What is best for business”. So, we will make it “Our Business” and have a fun time kicking around different ideas. Without further ado, What If…The Undertaker wants Shawn Michaels to retire him?

As we all know, The Undertaker is the real big dog. If he makes a special request, he gets it. He has carried the torch for three decades. But What if, the Undertaker finally hangs up his boots? What if he requested Shawn Michaels to retire him? Would he just walk away like WrestleMania 33? The Undertaker deserves more than a simple walk away. He deserves a controversy. He deserves a huge tribute, but we can’t have the Undertaker just show up to Raw the day after and bow out. That’s not his character. He is the Dead Man, the Phenom and cannot be destroyed. I am starting to believe he cannot retire either.

The Undertaker should have one last match with Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series, where it all started for the Phenom. The story line would blend into a final retirement match between the two. Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement for one last match with the Undertaker to finish what he started. He continues to taunt and warn the Undertaker of his demise, claiming he will go to hell with the Dead Man if he has to. Shawn claims he is back because he cannot retire peacefully knowing the Undertaker is still kicking ass and taking souls, while he could not destroy him, even with God on his side. It eats him alive everyday seeing Brock Lester getting the credit for ending the streak. He claims he will end the Undertaker by himself. One on one, mono a mono and take his soul back from the Undertaker. He will accomplish what no one else could do and bury the Undertaker once and for all. However, the Heart Break Kid is known to stab people in the back. Look back at his tag team partner Marty Jannetty. I still smile from the Sweet Chin Music through the barber shop window.

Shawn Michaels can still carry the Undertaker through an epic match, but Shawn cannot end the Undertaker alone. We start to realize Shawn cannot end the match, so he calls for the original members of D-X and the Kliq. They come out and assist Shawn. Shawn does not care about the win because he has already retired. His main goal is to destroy the Undertaker. This sets up for Kane to arrive and help the Undertaker during the attack. The Brothers of Destruction begin to clean house but NWO and other Past, Present and Future superstars arrive now.

The Superstars would all have to team up to destroy the Brothers of Destruction. Many men have tried to destroy the Undertaker, but all have failed. This is the only way to destroy the Undertaker in style. This would be an amazing tribute for the fans and the past superstars to finally end the phenom forever. Every superstar gets their Undertaker moment and maybe we will even see the old school purple and black.

Of course, the story line can go any direction. For an example, if you are looking for a WrestleMania match with Shawn Michaels, the Bludgeon Brothers could return together, win the titles and have a feud with the Brothers of Destruction as well. Leading to the return of Bray Wyatt and the family. With Bray taking the Undertaker’s powers. That would be epic if done correctly. But I prefer the Undertaker and his powers leaving together.

Let me know what you all think. Is this a story line that is acceptable, or would you prefer a straight match and the Undertaker walking away? I’d love to see your comments and thoughts below.

  • Soulshroude

    Oh, I know this dude… if you were to have your way, I would have been ripped to pieces with the first post, and buried with the second. Either way… this new “opinion piece” section is nothing but a bunch of b.s. written by “volunteers” so the website itself can say that not everyone is perfect when it comes to “criticism” from all walks of life. “Try being in our shoes and maybe the trolling on this site may simmer down”.

    This response is open to interpretation. Rebuttal how ever you will.

  • HBK

    I think it should main event wm and after 30+ or so minutes of going back and forth etc… With no one getting a pin fall, they should do a double close line or big boot on each other and both men should be counted down and have it end in a draw!!! And have them both shake hands afterward and do their poses while the rest of the locker room comes out on stage and applauds both men!!!! But Vince would never allow this!!!

  • Charlie Bronson

    To just figure HBK can carry The Undertaker at this point would be a HUGE leap. Hope for the best but don’t expect him to be as good the Heartbreak Kid that he was the day he retired.

  • Soulshroude

    Awww, your reply seems so “butt-hurt”. Buck up, cowboy.

  • Jay B

    A Taker Vs. Sting match would be one for the ages, No Doubt!! How would you like a Taker Vs. Sting match to end? Seems a lot of us want a Taker Vs. Sting match. Maybe that should be a What If…article.

  • HBK

    Have Kane turn on taker at super show down, then have taker reclaim his revenge on Kane one last time at crown Jewel and finally at survivor series have taker come out to the ring and say a speech like he has gone through everyone in the WWE and have him say he’s going to retire…. Then the lights go out for 10! secondsbor so and a big crowd appears on the screen and sting comes out and challenge s taker to one final match at wm for both men to retire officially together

  • Jay B

    Sorry that you did not enjoy the read. Sorry you believe this is just clickbait, stupid *ss opinion sh*t. The what if….article is fortnightly, so won’t take up too much of your reading time. Hope you enjoy the next article a little more!!

  • Soulshroude

    Taker vs Shawn… instead of the entire NWO, Wolfpack… all those other guys, et al. just jumping in…:

    An actual outcome is STING coming down from the rafters with his “Crow Sting” outfit on, as he was meant to be and the most famous for, with that black baseball bat… aiming at whom ever he chooses… and does what he does best.

    From the above paragraph, take it as you will… with this stupid-*ss “opinion piece”. Your all falling for the same “sh*t” from this site. They put up an “now hiring sign” to further their coverage, and y’all fell for it.


  • Jay B

    Of course we have seen it before. There are many ways we could dream of the way WWE retires Taker. Let’s just hope it’s something special.

  • Jay B

    I couldn’t agree more. I just hope they end the Undertakers career in an amazing way. Even having Paul Bearer’s son show up with the urn and tell him it’s time to come home would be a nice tribute.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Been there, seen that

  • Sandra Edwards

    Now this would be a match that I would watch without blinking my eyes! AND a pay-for-view worth paying for!