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What Jake Hager had to say regarding WWE’s signing of Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez signed a multi-year contract with WWE after having talks with major wrestling promotions, including AEW.  Hager has signed with AEW but he is happy for Velasquez.

Jake Hager recently spoke to Ariel Helwani where Cain Velasquez joining WWE was a topic of discussion. Hager said he hopes more MMA fighters follow the trend and join pro wrestling eventually.

“You know what, I think it’s cool that Cain was able to cross over. I think it’s awesome. I want to see more and more people cross over. I want to see more wrestlers cross over into MMA, more MMA cross over into pro wrestling. Because then our fans truly see how similar the worlds are, and how great they can be when you understand what’s going on … I think it’s interesting, though, that they saw me surprise debut, and then a couple days later they had Cain come out, not even signed to a contract, you know. Kind of rush-hush-hush. Hmmm.”

The world of professional wrestling is changing and very soon we might see more MMA fighters making a transition into the business.

h/t to 411 Mania for the transcription.

  • Personally, I don’t need/want to see more MMA people in pro wrestling. Fact is, not many of them make the transition very well. Severn and Shamrock looked good because they were pro wrestlers before. Lesnar, who actually managed to somehow get worse in the ring after coming back from MMA, had obviously been a pro wrestler before MMA. Rousey, though I can’t stand her, managed to look OK, but not great. That WM main event was some of the sloppiest wrestling for that big of a match I’ve ever seen.

    It may be “sexy” to bring MMA fighters into wrestling, but in all blunt honesty, just because you can fight, doesn’t mean you can perform. Pro wrestling is performance art, at the end of the day, and to be good at it, and put on GOOD matches, you have to be a good performer. Being able to beat people up for real does not automatically mean you’re going to look good in a wrestling ring.

  • CC

    Considering SD did three times the viewing figures of Dynamite, and expectations were always that they would do big numbers, the plan to debut him on what was potentially gonna be their biggest weekly TV show in years, must have been planned way in advance.
    You don’t debut a guy like him on a nothing show, you debut him on the biggest show you have planned.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Right, like they would not have had a plan in place for weeks or months to debut Cain on Fox. While it is certainly coincidental, hardly a possiblity they would have responded to AEW that quickly.

  • CC

    I hope he is joking about WWE debuting Velasquez because AEW debuted him.
    And just because Meltzer says he was not under contract at the time does not make it true.