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What Vince McMahon might say on WWE RAW

Vince McMahon

As reported earlier, WWE had announced on Friday that Vince McMahon would be appearing on the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW in order to ‘shake things up’. would follow up the announcement with an article, which mostly focused on Baron Corbin’s position as Raw General Manager and what might happen at WWE TLC.

It mentioned Seth Rollins’ comments about WWE RAW blaming Baron Corbin for all of the bad things on a show McMahon controls and finally mentioned how Baron Corbin has some explaining to do.

This is simply an attempt to improve RAW’s product and get fans interested in it once again in time for the Royal Rumble. It is to be noted that Kurt Angle will be present on RAW as well. So we might be seeing Corbin getting sacked as RAW General Manager and Kurt Angle would become the new one.

We will have to wait until Monday to see what happens. At this point in time, anything could happen.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He also really doesn’t have it anymore. I think HHH is going to take over which is why he brought HBK to NXT to run. I think you going to see more wrestling and less talking. You will also see more wrestlers be themself.

  • Jay B

    Yup. That’s what I wrote two weeks ago.

  • Steven Stevens

    Do they think Kurt Angle will help with the ratings? lol

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I do believe Vince Mac is going to step down as head of WWE after WM 35. I think he going to focus full time of the XFL.

  • MT McGee

    One of the reasons the World titles no longer feel important, at least on Raw, is because the show used to revolved around who was the champ and everyone trying to reach the top. Ever since Bischoff joined the nWo, the show has revolved around who’s in charge of the show. Not one of the ideas you should have stolen from WCW, Vince.

  • CC

    “So we might be seeing Corbin getting sacked as RAW General Manager and Kurt Angle would become the new one.”

    I will think you will find Kurt is still GM of RAW, so he cannot be the “NEW” one.
    Corbin is “ACTING” GM in Kurts absensce.