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What WWE originally planned for Bray Wyatt’s return

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House

  • Charlie Stover

    I think bray has been one of the greatest characters that wwe has held back. There is so many angles and ideas if I were booker of wwe. He’s very good doing promos.

  • ROB-1.

    Bray should team up with Rowan. Let Bryan wrestle single like before.

  • CC

    Well the article he posted about Batista telling Undertaker not to wrestler Goldberg has amazingly vanished after everyone pointed out he was just copying an article posted over a month ago.
    Maybe our voices are starting to be heard and soon he will be gone … and maybe Vince will finally become hip and modern.

  • CC

    Regardless of what the original plans were, this story says the original plan was Summerslam then goes on to say that it could still be Summerslam, so I don’t quite get the point of it being news as seemingly nothing has changed.

    As you say, the timing of the promo’s suggests it was supposed to be sooner. Momentum is being lost the longer we wait.

  • Will Henderson

    my ass, i bet the original plans were he was meant to return much sooner, but WWE delayed his return for unknown reasons.

  • Grant Thomson

    I swear, EVERY article by Harrison ends with “it will be interesting to see” or “we’ll just have to wait and see”. Hardly any news is ever reported, just mere speculation that any reader could figure out himself

  • CC

    So what has changed?

    The original plan was for him to return at Summerslam and the current plan is he may still return at Summerslam.