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When AEW will crown AEW Women’s Champion


AEW will be makings its debut on TNT on October 2nd of this year and it will be a night of memorable events, which includes the crowning of a new champion.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, All Elite Wrestling will crown their first-ever AEW Women’s Champion during the first episode of AEW’s show on TNT. While the type of match and participants have yet to be revealed, we can expect top talent to be included.

“For many female wrestlers, the opportunity to fight for the title represents the crowning achievement of their careers. The AEW women’s championship will be the cornerstone of the women’s division.”

“The championship will be treated with the utmost respect and prestige. We hope to inspire future female wrestlers to dream of holding such a meaningful title.”

It will be interesting to see who becomes the first AEW Women’s Champion. We will keep you updated regarding AEW’s debut show on TNT once we get to know more.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’ll give them this much, at least. All of them are better wrestlers than Jeff Jarrett, and more believable in their spots in the company… but I am with you. There’s a number of aspects of AEW that need to change. the 80% win rate for The Elite, the constant need to talk about the competition, and for me personally, I want them to end time limits on PPV. I know not everyone agrees with me there, but if I pay good money to watch an event, I want to see conclusive finishes.

    I’m hopeful that AEW will be a success. But I think part of that means that you have to be willing to say “Hey, they’re messing this part up” when they’re making the same mistakes as every other “WWE killer promotion”.

  • CC

    One thing that bugs me with some AEW fans (especially those who started this before there had even been a PPV), is that any time you say something even remotely negative about the company or just say people should calm down in case it turns out to not be as good as they hope, you get called a hater or a WWE fanboy etc, but they do not understand that wanting a company to suceed can often be about calling them on BS moves like this Elite winning record. If people just accept it, that is how it will be right up to the point the ratings drop and the promotion ends up like TNA/Impact.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, I remember talking to you about this a while back, I went through every show, even All In, and it’s pretty much “one member of The Elite loses at every show”, except Fyter Fest, where Cody wouldn’t even take a loss, it had to be a draw.

  • CC

    One of the biggest things that has bugged me on all the AEW shows so far is that The Elite and those closest to them nearly all win at every show so far. I think its been one loss per PPV so far.
    I so badly want this promotion to be a success (hell I already own two AEW shirts I had imported), but I do not want them doing a Jeff Jarrett.

  • Keith Learmonth

    As long as it’s not Brandi Rhodes, I’m sure it’ll be good.
    And I don’t mean that as a knock on Brandi, I just feel like AEW needs to focus on people outside of “The Elite” more.