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When Nia Jax might be returning from injury

Nia Jax Tamina Fastlane

Nia Jax competed in Wrestlemania, but she is currently on the shelf due to an injury. Jax tore her ACL in both of her knees which required surgery.

Sean Ross Sapp said on The List And Ya Boy last week that Nia Jax will take a long time to recover. Here is what he had to say:

“The generous time table that I was told is that they are expecting her back maybe in a year based on the condition she’s in and all that. If she got really lucky Royal Rumble, maybe.”

Sean Ross Sapp noted that with Nia Jax’s frame, it puts extra pressure on her knees. So perhaps we might see her make a return as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, if not later.


  • CC

    So he article says she could be out for a year and if she is lucky might be able to return for the rumble, then in his infinite wisdom, Harrison totally ignores all that and ends with we might see her in the rumble if not earlier.
    So if Sapp seems to think that the even the rumble will be hit or miss as to her being recovered in time, how comes Harrison thinks she might return even earlier?

    And the fact that you put together a paragraph that points out that overweight people have more stress on their knees, then make this prediction of her returning earlier makes no sense either.