Which New WWE Superstar Triple H Likes, Backstage Incident with R-Truth

Source: F4WOnline.com



– Sources say Triple H is quite high on Drew McIntyre and is one of the driving forces behind the young wrestler’s current push.

– On the subject of McIntyre’s Hell in a Cell opponent R-Truth, there was apparently a minor backstage issue involving him prior to their match at last week’s pay-per-view.

According to reports, as R-Truth was preparing to go out to the ring, he was told he had to take off the camouflage vest he was wearing as camouflage is now associated with DX. The wrestler approached Stephanie McMahon about the complaint, which presumably came from a producer.

Stephanie said that Truth should probably discuss the issue with Triple H. At that point, R-Truth decided to just abandon the wardrobe item and his cause as he headed to the ring for his match.

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