White House Calls Kamala Harris President In…

Vice President Kamala Harris experienced an accidental promotion this week when a video caption referred to her as “Madam President” during her meeting with the cast of the Netflix show “Queer Eye.” The clip, tweeted from Harris’ official account, included a caption error near the end where she was addressed as “Madam Vice President,” but the caption read “Madam President.”



It is unclear whether this captioning mistake was manual or software-generated, but the video was posted uncorrected by Harris. In the accompanying message, Harris thanked the cast for their conversation, approval, and fabulousness.

President Biden has mistakenly referred to Harris as “president” on at least eight occasions during his term, most recently during a joint news conference with Kenyan President William Ruto. Despite these errors, Harris has consistently defended Biden, downplaying any notions that she might need to step in during a potential second term, emphasizing Biden’s well-being and capability.

Harris expressed appreciation for the progress made by the LGBTQI+ community over the past 20 years in her post. Both Biden and Harris are expected to be formally renominated for their respective positions before the August 7 deadline to qualify for the Ohio ballot, with the Democratic National Convention set to take place in Chicago from August 19-22.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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