White House ‘Censoring’ Biden Memory Loss Videos

As the general election season approaches, White House officials are dismissing a series of viral videos circulating on social media, which purportedly show President Biden in declining mental acuity, as “cheap fakes.” These videos have been labeled as altered media that doesn’t require advanced technology, such as photoshopping or speeding and slowing videos.



A conservative tech expert, however, argues that the videos are troubling and that the Biden administration’s pushback is part of an “election buzzword” effort aimed at pressuring social media platforms to take action against such content.

A White House spokesperson stated that right-wing critics of President Biden, who spread debunked lies including that the 2020 election was stolen, are threatened by nonpartisan fact-checkers exposing the falsehoods. The spokesperson emphasized that mainstream reporters and misinformation experts have debunked these cheap fake smears.

Recently, several videos showing Biden appearing confused at various events have gone viral. One video shows him speaking to a parachuter at a D-Day anniversary event in France, while another shows him being uncertain about when to sit down. Another video depicted him being led off the stage by former President Obama at a fundraising event.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reiterated that these videos are “cheap fakes,” defined as altered media that does not require advanced technology. Jean-Pierre emphasized that it is important to call out these misleading videos, which have been identified as such by fact-checkers and media outlets.

Not everyone accepts this explanation. Heritage Foundation tech researcher Jake Denton claims this is part of an effort to introduce new terminology related to misinformation to pressure social media companies to take action against such videos. Denton argued that this strategy involves labeling content as malicious misinformation and then pushing for its removal under the pretext of election integrity.

Denton criticized “misinformation experts,” calling them part of a pseudo-science born from digital politics, and suggested that their analysis lacks scientific rigor. He contended that the administration’s goal is to mislead the public about Biden’s cognitive state, urging people to judge the videos on their own merits, as they accurately reflect his current condition.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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