White Rabbit Spotted In SmackDown Crowd Video

WWE had a White Rabbit walk around the audience at WWE SmackDown on Friday, as seen below. Bray Wyatt will likely be returning at WWE Extreme Rules tomorrow.



In an appearance taped prior to the 2021 edition of the WWE Royal Rumble event, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan gave his reflective thoughts on the 1992 edition of the January classic which saw fellow WWE icon Sid eliminating ‘The Hulkster’ from the event which lead to Hogan eliminating Sid right back, costing him the WWE Championship. Hulk Hogan recently hunted at a in-ring return

Hogan was then asked if he felt any regret for doing what he did to Sid Justice during the Royal Rumble and Hogan made the following comments, which was transcribed by Wrestling-Edge prior to the show on the highly successful WWE program ‘The Bump’.

Hogan: Not really. Sid was a one-trick pony, all he wanted was a shot at Hulk Hogan and he didn’t care about who he had to get in front of him. Sid was always disappearing, pulling disqualifications, cheap shots and brass knuckles out of his tights. All he had was his sights set on me so I really don’t feel one bit bad about it at all.

In other news revolving around Hulk Hogan, the famous son of wrestling promoter Verne Gagne, Greg Gagne recent debunked a famous folktale involving how the Iron Sheik was once offered $100,000 to legitimately break Hulk Hogan’s leg. Gagne made the following comments during a recent interview on UnSKripted. Credit to TheSportsRush for the following transcription. Hulk Hogan recently revealed this The Rock WrestleMania return photo.

“No. Sheik made that thing up,” Greg Gagne. A couple of months ago, my brother and I, he said, ‘You gotta watch this thing on YouTube.’ I never knew he said it. So when he [my brother] had told me, I said, ‘That was never said. Verne never did that.’”

Gagne continued: “Iron Sheik, he trained with us and Verne got him started, Verne supported him through the Olympics and everything. He was so naïve to the sport, he wasn’t catching on. My mom gave him the name The Iron Sheik, and then the Iranian thing was going on. Vince [McMahon] wanted somebody and Verne sent him up there [to WWE].” Why ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan never happened in WWE

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