Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Biden Accident In Pants?

After a week-long break, ABC’s The View returned with the hot topic of President Joe Biden’s political future following his debate performance. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg expressed strong support for Biden, using blunt and colorful language to make her point.



The co-hosts of The View have consistently opposed former President Donald Trump’s reelection, but Biden’s debate performance caused some to reconsider their support. Goldberg, who was absent the day after the debate, shared her views on Monday:

She stated that despite any perceived missteps, such as if Biden “pooped his pants” or struggled to form sentences, she remains confident in his ability to do the job. Goldberg pointed out that Biden had faced criticism in his initial debate with Kamala Harris but went on to serve four years effectively.

Goldberg gave emphasis to the fact that everyone has bad days, including herself, and that loyalty is important if the person is performing their duties. She acknowledged that she might not agree with everything Biden does but believes in standing by him, much like supporters of Trump. She concluded that if Biden fails to deliver in the next debate, she would reconsider her stance, but until then, she remains supportive.

I mean, listen, I’m just going to have my two cents because I wasn’t here on the day that y’all talked about it. I don’t care if he’s pooped his pants. I don’t care if he can’t put a sentence together. Show me he can’t do the job and then I’ll say, okay, maybe it’s time to go. Now, he had a bad night the first time that he went on and debated with [now-Vice President] Kamala Harris, and everybody wanted him to quit then, saying “You can’t talk to women like this,” or “You’re doing this wrong, you’re doing that wrong.” He came back, said, “You know what? I got it,” and gave four years.

So yeah, I have poopy days all the time. I step in so much poo you can’t even imagine. Now, I’m not running the world, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t step in stuff at some point. So I’m just simply saying, yeah, there are two debates. And if he can’t do what he needs to do for the second debate, I’ll join any crew that says get rid of him. But loyalty to me? If you are doing the job, I might not like everything you’re doing. I don’t like it all. But I’m going to stand behind you like those guys stand behind the guy who should have been the person people were talking about saying, “Yeah, Biden had a bad day, but this guy couldn’t tell the truth if it split his lip.” But nobody said that.

Harrison Carter
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