Backstage news on why Big Show missed Greatest Royal Rumble

The Big Show was part of the early advertisements for the Greatest Royal Rumble and he was expected to be a part of the 50 Men Battle Royal at the show.



However, he was removed from the event when just a few weeks were remaining for the mega Live Event and his removal started all kinds of rumors.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about his absence from the Network special and revealed the reason behind it.

According to him, the former World Champion suffered another injury while recovering from his hip surgery and realizing that he couldn’t wrestle, Officials removed him from the Greatest Rumble.

Though Meltzer didn’t give many details on his condition so it’s hard to say how serious Show’s injury is. Considering the fact that Big Show has not had a long wrestling run with the company in a while, it’s hard to say when or if he will be returning to the ring again.

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