Why didn’t Carlito appear on Monday Night RAW Legends Night?

Last night saw WWE Monday Night RAW honor the legendary Superstars of the past. Legends Night featured former stars from decades past. Ric Flair, Melina, Hulk Hogan, Carlito, Torrie Wilson, and more were advertised for the first RAW of 2021.



However, a few names were noticeably absent from the show, including Carlito. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was shown on a few TV ads for the event but never appeared last night. It was rumored that there were travel issues preventing him from appearing.

However, according to Wrestling Inc. Carlito was never booked for RAW in the first place. Reportedly, WWE sent out feelers to many former stars, but someone internally “jumped the gun” with the announcements. There seem to be no issues or bad blood between the two parties.

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