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Why Paige was backstage at Raw


It was noted before this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw that the SmackDown Live General Manager and former Diva’s Champion Paige was spotted backstage at the show.

The news of the former Champion being present at Raw become a topic of discussion quickly and people started wondering what she was doing at the show.

Though unlike the expectations of many, Paige did not appear on the show and after the episode wrapped up, she revealed on Instagram that she was there for a photoshoot:

Paige was appointed as the SmackDown General Manager earlier this year after the former NXT Star announced her retirement from in-ring competition.

She has been doing a great job as the GM of the Blue Branded Show and in a previous interview; Paige had stated that she has been enjoying her new role as well.

  • Soulshroude

    This is another “Duh” moment.

  • Are you serious?

    I’m not complaining about women in revealing outfits, I’m complaining about people supposedly in management wearing tattered clothes and having their breasts about to fall out. Two completely different things.

  • Luke

    You are complaining about revealing outfits in an industry that revolves around oiled-up men in speedos.

    Stop doing that. It makes you look stupid.

  • Are you serious?

    She wears ripped jeans and her bra works harder than she does. Very unprofessional, unless of course, you are a “professional”.

  • CC

    So jeans and leather jackets are now exclusive to street walkers? Your name should be directed at yourself.

  • CC

    Former NXT star? That is what you are going with?

  • Are you serious?

    A great job as GM? She sucks the life out of every segment she’s in and dresses like a street walker, which would not be the worst thing, except she’s supposed to be a manager.