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Why The Bar was broken up


Sheamus and Cesaro teamed together as The Bar and were one of the top tag teams in WWE. Now Cesaro is partnering up with Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn as their manager. Sheamus also made his return to WWE recently.

Sheamus spoke to Cultaholic, where he talked about why WWE split up The Bar. The team had achieved a lot in the company with multiple tag team title reigns. They certainly will be remembered as one of the greats in recent memory. However, it was simply time for them to part ways in order to focus on their singles career.

“Well me and Cesaro have achieved everything there is to do, we’re five-time tag champs. I think The Bar is something where we have cemented our legacies as The Bar, like we can always go back to that and anything we do will be massive, but we’re both on a bit of a singles journey at the moment and there’s still a lot I want to achieve as a singles guy. Obviously the Intercontinental title is the one I still haven’t won, so that’s all I really care about right now.”

Sheamus was absent from WWE television for the majority of 2019. Now he is back and ready to remind fans why he was a dominant performer in the singles division.

  • CC

    I just think it is way to late for a main event push for Cesaro. I think with the way he has been treated in the last few years it would have a similar response from fans as Jinder. Going from Jobber to Champion was what really hurt Jinder as there was zero build to it. He had support beforehand as a lot of people were annoyed about him being eliminated from that battle royale by Gronkowski, but those same people were also annoyed when he became champ out of nowhere.
    I think Cesaro would suffer the same problem. At least in Rusevs case, he still has a huge fanbase and is actually in a high profile feud (not a good one, but a high profile one). Fans would take to a Rusev title run like ducks to water.

    I would love a Cesaro run, but just think it would not go over well with the bulk of todays crowd.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    He would have a main event run in another company. Sheamus was HHH’s workout partner and HHH went to bat for him. Otherwise he’d probably be on the same list as Cesaro and Rusev as people who could have been world champions but weren’t made one in WWE.

  • CC

    For whatever reason WWE will never give Cesaro a decent singles run. Even during the height of is popularity they failed to capitalise on him.
    Now, he is little more than a jobber. When was the last time he actually got a win? Even if his tag team gets a win, it is not him picking up the pin, but he will sure eat the pin if his team loses.

    The guy deserves a decent singles run. Not sure he has a main event title run in him, but he at least deserves another shot at one of the mid card singles titles.